Our Vision Statement

A MultiCultural Church of Multitudes Distributed in CellGroups Where Each Disciple Shares Jesus Christ Publicly and From House-to-House in the Power of the Spirit

 A Multi-Cultural Church of Multitudes

In a vision, The Lord Jesus, reveal to our apostle in heaven people from multicultural background, multitudes from all nations!  It is clear that a multicultural church is necessary, given the rapid growth of multiracial and multi-ethnic groups in the United States, which its main language is English.

 Distributed in Cellgroups

Although our church’s vision is numerically enormous, it is a congregation with simplistic approach effectuating our personal touch through Koinonia cell groups. This is possible by the way of the cell groups and nets: Each person is responsible for someone and/or a group of people.

 Where Each Disciple Shares Jesus Christ

Each disciple would be taught in our “School of Leaders” on how to share Jesus Christ personally, massively in their group, and in any other places through the revelation of the scriptures.

 Publicly and From House-to-House

Each disciple would share Jesus Christ publicly everywhere. Ever disciple would participate in the winning strategy to consolidate, disciple and send disciples just as it was performed with the primitive church.

 In the Power of the Spirit

The vision of our church would employ, by effort from the disciples, three weapons of conquest. First there is intercession, which binds the enemy (Matthew 18:18-20). Second there is worship, which confuses the enemy (2 Chronicles 20:22). And lastly, there is evangelism, which takes the spoil from the enemy and ruins him (Matthew 10:7-8; Acts 1:8; 5:42). Disciples will utilize all available resources, but they’ll depend exclusively on the power of the person of the Holy Spirit.